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CICC E-News, Issue #8.   Jan - Feb 2009

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HIIL NAAFO: A Call to Inclusion - Somali DVD Available

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Cindy Croft and Huda Farah from the Center for Inclusive Child Care (CICC) were invited to present HIIL NAAFO: Promising Practices in the Somali Community to Support Inclusion at the National Head Start Dual Language Institute on October 31, 2008 in Washington, D.C.

The CICC produced DVD HIIL NAAFO: A Call to Inclusion is a resource in Somali developed around the topics of child development and early intervention. This DVD may be purchased at the CICC's Market Place found on the CICC website.

Children's Development, What to Expect and When to Be Concerned

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By Chris Bentley, Center for Inclusive Child Care, Technical Assistance Director

While the majority of children develop on a similar path and meet developmental milestones, we must also be aware of the key concerns when a child is not meeting these milestones and may need increased monitoring or a referral for a screening or further evaluation. Read the full article.

Useful Resources Found at NECTAC

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NECTAC is the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center at This website contains many useful resources for early childhood educators and practitioners.

NECTAC's mission is to strengthen service systems to ensure that children with disabilities (birth through 5 years) and their families receive and benefit from high quality, culturally appropriate, and family-centered supports and services.

You can search this website to find contact information for any state Part C Coordinator or Section 619 Coordinator. These are the people in your state departments who oversee birth to 3 special education (Part C) and ages 3 - 5 (Section 619). NECTAC can help locate services or answer questions. In addition, this website lists contacts for all states' Interagency Coordinating Council Chairs (ICCs).

NECTAC's website is a valuable resource to bookmark if you ever need to find a special education contact in your state.

Upcoming 2009 TOT Courses

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The Center for Inclusive Child Care's (CICC) 2009 Train the Trainer schedule and registration form is posted in the TOT Learning Center page on the CICC website. There are two new Train the Trainer courses added this year.

Somali Children with Autism: A Recent Incidence Concern

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Huda Farah, Center for Inclusive Child Care, Somali Inclusion Project Coordinator

Minnesota is home to the country's largest population of Somali residents with the majority living in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. Rochester, St. Cloud, Mankato, Willmar, Owatonna, St. Peter, and Faribault are also home to many Somali families. As was recently reported in the national media, concerns have been raised regarding the unusually high number of young children, born in the U.S. to Somali families, who are being diagnosed with autism. This increase has been reported for the last five years with severe forms of the disorder. Read the full article.

Center for Inclusive Child Care Workshops

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Are you interested in a CICC workshop taking place in your area? Go to and see upcoming Workshops and Trainings. This is an updated list of many interesting inclusion courses across the state

Online Resource Guides

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Resource Guides
If you are looking for information on the topics of Autism, Disability Services or Autism, check out the resources listed below.

Autism Speaks 100 Day Kit - created for parents of children recently diagnosed with autism

Minnesota Resources for Mental Health

National Resources for Mental Health

Resource Directory for Families of Children with Autism (Minneapolis and Twin Cities Metropolitan Area)

A Directory of Professional Providers Serving the Autism Community (Minnesota and Western Wisconsin)

Disability Services in Minnesota Guide or to access via the WCCO website: Go to and then to Resources and Links. It is under the title "WCCO Autism Resources."