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CICC E-News, Issue #19. November December 2010

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A New Way to Support the CICC

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Contributions play an increasingly important role in maintaining the growth and vitality of the Center for Inclusive Child Care. The CICC has now partnered with Little Lambs Fundraising to offer you a tasty new way to support the CICC. All you have to do is shop. Little Lambs offers a variety of delicious holiday treats and will donate up to 40% of sales to the CICC every time you order.

Place your order at and enter our group code (4WY95).

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Standard donations are always accepted and appreciated. To donate directly to the Center for Inclusive Child Care, visit the CICC homepage and follow the purple button titled “Donate Today”.

The Head Start Center for Inclusion

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The Head Start Center for Inclusion provides information and develops resources and materials that include web-based learning opportunities and evidence-based instructional strategies for teachers and classroom staff, disability coordinators, supervisors and coaches, trainers, families, and family service providers. The goal of the Head Start Center for Inclusion is to increase the competence, confidence and effectiveness of personnel in Head Start programs to include children with disabilities. The website can be accessed at

Training Tool Kits and Sensory Kits are now on Sale for Only $30.00

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Our "Do-It-Yourself" Training Tool Kits provide all the necessary materials to facilitate one to two hours of professional development trainings for early childhood and school age care, and education professionals. They are ideal for use with center-based, family child care, preschool, and family, friend, and neighbor providers.

The CICC sensory kits contain developmentally and age appropriate toys and materials to promote sensory exploration and development. Each bag is designed for a specific age group and includes a copy of the booklet, Supporting Sensory Preferences in Young Children.

To see the complete selection of Training Tool Kits and Sensory Kits, visit the CICC Market Place at

New Additions to the CICC Learning Center

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A new info module has been added to the CICC website, Play Dates: Helping Parents Promote Peer Interactions. Play dates can be important tools for helping young children with their developing social skills. This info module provides useful information for promoting peer interactions through play dates.

The CICC online Info Modules short, click-through tutorials are designed to provide an overview on various disability topics. An integrated quiz tests for specific knowledge, and a perfect score is followed with a link to a free certificate of completion good for a .25 clock hour. Info Modules can be accessed at:

Two new self-study courses have been added to the CICC website: Talking with Families When There are Developmental Concerns and Early Language Development: the Preschool Years. These courses present valuable information on sharing concerns with families and language development.

CICC self-study courses offer an in-depth approach on many topics. They include visual click through units and an MP3 audio version for download or online listening, plus supplemental handouts. Register online and take all courses for free. Pass the optional exam and you can receive a certificate good for one CEU (there is a $25 per CEU processing fee). Expect up to 10 hours for course completion.

Self-study courses can be accessed at:

Four New Resources on the CICC Website

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The following resources along with thousands of others are available here at

1. Assistive Technology for Infants and Toddlers

This document is a brief overview of ways in which assistive technology can be a useful resource for very young children.  Through a series of questions and answers, information is provided on what types of assistive technology devices can be used with young children and how families can obtain these devices. This document can be found in the CICC resources by searching the keywords ‘assistive technology’ or by following the direct link: .

2. Family Center on Technology and Disability (FCTD)

This website is filled with assistive and instructional technology resources of interest to families of children with special needs.  The website offers access to monthly newsletters, online discussions moderated by nationally recognized experts, and more.  The website can be accessed in the CICC resources by searching the keywords ‘family center’ or by following the direct link:

3. Tots-n-Tech Research Institute

Tots-n-Tech’s mission is to provide up-to-date information and resources about adaptations, including assistive technology, to use with infants and toddlers for states, early intervention providers of all disciplines, and families across the country.  The Ideas to Share section of the website highlights ways to use assistive technology effectively to support functional skills in activities and routines.  Other sections of the website highlight research findings, resources, and state-specific supports. This website can be accessed in the CICC resources by searching the keywords ‘research institute’ or by following the direct link:

4. Assistive Technology for Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children

The National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (NECTAC) has assembled a variety of resources related to assistive technology at this website.  Information includes definitions, federal laws, state contact information, funding sources, consideration regarding diversity, and frequently asked questions. The website can be accessed in the CICC resources by searching the keywords ‘assistive technology’ or by following the direct link:


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Funding for these grant activities is made possible with a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education. The source of the funds are from federal award, Grants to States Special Education, Preschool grants, CFDA 84.173A of P.L. 108-466 IDEA and amendment thereto.