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Consultation and Inclusion Services

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Inclusion Consultation Services

Target Population and Eligibility Criteria

  • Children with special needs including those with challenging behaviors and/or mental health disorders and participate in child care and/or school age care.
  • Eligibility criteria for consultation is flexible to include any child who is identified by the provider or parent as demonstrating challenges in participation or retention in the child care program.
  • Children served can be in early childhood programs, family child care or school age care.
  • Targeted children are those who are demonstrating challenges in succeeding in their child care program or have been discharged from previous programs due to behaviors.
  • Programs caring for children with special needs with a desire to provide high quality services.


  • Consultation to child care and school age care providers
  • Identifying needs and resources for staff development and education

Referral Procedure

Referrals may be received from parents, child care providers, or professional staff or Child Care Aware staff. Contact Priscilla at 651-603-6230 or email weigel@csp.edu to refer a child, family or program to these services. The child care support coordinator works with the local Child Care Aware, the child care or school age care provider and family to determine child and provider needs and initiates service or supports. Referrals may be forwarded to local consultants or trainers for providers in Minnesota.

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